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Please note that this scheme is aimed at the children of women who are either widowed, divorced, separated  or single mothers who are finding it financially difficult to send their children to school. If you do not belong to this group, please do not apply.
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While others are at school, these ones are on the streets hawking.  It is not their choice, "But this is a people robbed and spoiled; they are all of them snared in holes, and they are hid in prison houses: they are for a prey, and none delivereth; for a spoil, and none saith, Restore" Isaiah 42:22
Help For The Fatherless Scholarship Foundation (HFTFSF) is a registered non-governmental, non-religious, non-political and not-for-profit organization. We strongly believe that every child deserves equal educational opportunity (formal or vocational) to be the best he/she can be and every widow deserves a right to good living.  Consequently, we have set out to extend these opportunities to the less privileged, especially the destitute children and widows.

Hardship and neglect force the widows to send their children to the streets to hawk fruits and wares for survival. Most of the girl children fall victims of kidnap, rape and other forms of sexual harassment leading to unwanted pregnancies. Most of the boys join bad gangs. Eventually, these children end up being street touts, prostitutes, armed robbers, kidnappers and general nuisance to the society. Their mothers fall victims of stringent traditional practices that strip them of their rights. Most of them endure all sorts of harassment from wicked men who take advantage of them to defraud and sexually abuse them.

The Foundation tries to meet the needs of the destitute through two main activity areas viz-a-viz:

The Fatherless Scholarship Scheme (FSS): This arm of the Foundation helps destitute children most of whose parents fall into the categories widowed, divorced, single-mother, etc. to discover themselves and their potentials by giving them the opportunity to acquire proper education (formal/vocational) and become useful to themselves and to the society.  This we try to achieve by taking these children off the streets to the formal schools or vocational centres.

The Widows Assistance Plan (WAP): This arm of the Foundation on the other hand, strives to bring hope to destitute widows by organizing skills acquisition trainings and talk shows during which they are thought how to locally produce soaps, creams, perfumes, etc.  They are also trained on hair dressing, tailoring, etc.  After the trainings, they are given some amount of money to start on their own. Also gift items in form of clothing, food items, etc. are also distributed to them periodically.  Additionally, we try to help them know and defend their rights through the provision of legal aids and counselling when the need arises.

Generally, we try to let these destitute children and widows know that when it appears that no one cares, we care!
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2019/2020 School Fees
All scholarship beneficiaries should please forward their bank details to our office at No. 100 Enugu Road, Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigria, along with their last semester results for immediate remittance of your school fees for the 2018/2019 Session.  Once you receive your fees, please do a mail to help4dfatherless@gmail.com addressed to the Finance Officer and titled "My 2018/2019 Session Fees", acknowledging the receipt.

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HFTFSF still in the business of lifting the living standard of destitute widows and fatherless children and orphans.  Want to be part of it....?  Donate!
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Copyright 2011 by Help-for-the-fatherless Scholarship Foundation    All Rights reserved.